Rosana de Brito

I’m a copywriting and content production professional, currently living and working in the Seattle area.

For the longest time, I’ve been fascinated by words – both writing and reading them. My parents were at the receiving end of my theatric performances and poems for many years. Thankfully, they saw my passion for the subject and encouraged me to make it my profession.

I have both academic degrees and professional courses under my belt, making me a well-rounded individual. Working with companies and projects in various industries means that I’m diverse in my approach and can see common problems from unusual angles.

If you want to work together, feel free to reach out to me. Let’s achieve something great together.



Master of Arts in Journalism

Munich University


The course was the basis of my journalism training. From media law, ethics, to practical and hands-on journalistic skills, I learned how to cover a wide variety of topics in a balanced way.

Bachelor of Arts in Composition and Literature

University of Sheffield


This course allowed me to really hone my composition and literature skills. I worked at the University’s newspaper while on this course too.


Content Writing Courses

Unto Academy

3 months

This was a really hands-on course with tutors giving us actual and publishable assignments on SEO content production. I wrote blog posts on orthopedic surgery, indemnity law, as well as weight loss and travel. This course also gave me solid keyword research skills.

Work Experience 

Lead Content Creator at Gibbs


4 years

Gibbs is my own content studio that I run with three more freelancers. We help clients strategize and produce content and copy. We also run PR campaigns, help with SEO, and multimedia production.